Tuesday, March 9, 2010

frankly, my dear

Due to a lack of interest, paucity of nominations, and my inability to find anyone willing to participate in this, I regret to announce the Ham-Sized Fist Award has been cancelled. I'm very sorry, but the fact that not one person has written to ask about the status of the award, even though I said I would announce the winner right about now, tells me that no one gives a damn.

Next time I will try to do better.


  1. Aw.
    I checked back every week.
    Weren't there something like 26 nominations?

  2. I emailed you to ask about it, so I know you got at least one email about it.

  3. I was waiting for the announcement. I figured being bugged about the status would annoy you. I was one of the one nominated and thought you'd find it in poor taste to bother you.

  4. So what, you're keeping the award money?

  5. Hey Jeff - I checked back here frequently throughout January and February despite a frequent lack of internet access and time, and though I hoped to find new info and of course kept my fingers crossed for one of my authors to win, I know full well the suffering of a lack of time...and so I did not pester you with questions though they plagued me. Any hope of salvaging some aspect of this award?

  6. Anonymous 1 - not quite 26.

    Anonymous 2 - you were the only one.

    Anonymous 3 - as all but $10 was donated by me, yes I did plan to keep it. People weren't exactly knocking down the door with contributions, either.

    Jason and Jessica - Fortune favors the bold. Yes, there is hope of rescuing the award. As I said, I hope to better next time. By that I meant more publicity to drive more interest.

    So there will be an award, with a new name and new parameters. I blame myself for the failures this time around. All the nominated stories will remain eligible for nomination, as one of the changes is the eligibility period. The award will be bi-annual, rather than annual, and will cover all stories published in 2009-2010. More about this in my next post.

  7. oh, and thanks to everyone for commenting.